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Animal Assisted Therapy


What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal Assisted Therapy is beneficial for children and youth that are struggling, have learning disabilities, or are having difficulty opening up and building relationships as well as for adults that are shy or feel more comfortable communicating within the presence of an animal.


Animal Assisted Therapy is therapeutic for individuals with Autism, Aggression, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Language impairments, and other difficulties.


Animals are unique because they produce a calming effect, which assists in the client's ability to communicate.

The companionship of animals reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes mental health.


Attachment and the formation of a bond is a primal need of humans. Forming a bond with an animal provides comfort and companionship.


Animals used in therapy have been shown to:

-increase the ability to bond and build relationships

-help express and address emotions

-promote empathy

-build self esteem

-provide a sense of control

-decrease stress

-provide emotional safety

-reduce abusive thoughts and behaviours

-overcome shyness and anxiety

-feel more comfortable and safe sharing personal details

-be beneficial for children and teens with behavioural and/or emotional issues



What happens during a session?


During sessions, your child would spend time with an animal (small dog, rabbit, cat, or bird) as well as with a professional counsellor.

Different activities or games involving the animal will occur. Conversation will also occur while the child is playing or petting the animal.

Depending on what you would like your child to accomplish from sessions, the sessions are adapted in order to meet those goals.

Before beginning, we could chat on the phone or over email and you could tell me your expectations and goals.

I will then write up a plan and inform you of how I would go about accomplishing those goals.

Once we are in agreement, sessions will begin.


Rates: $40/hour session

Hourly prices are reduced by 35% for children and youth that qualify for autistic funding, however funding money is not accepted.


Interested in booking an appointment?

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Then - Make payment. Payment button is below the form

Next - Wait 24 hours for confirmation email to book time and date of session. 



















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Single, One Hour Animal Assisted Therapy Session

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