January 11, 2019

Sometimes dog food can be confusing. What is healthy? What is the best food to feed?

But talking about supplements can be even more confusing.

Do you feed your dog supplements?

Should you?

Is there enough in your dogs food?

If you should, what supplements should you feed?


November 9, 2018

Did you know that both you are your cat and dog can eat with the seasons?

So what exactly is eating with the seasons? 

Eating with the seasons is eating specific foods at different times of the year.

You eat to balance weight, energy and wellness. It is eating foods that...

September 10, 2015

It's important for birds as well as some reptiles to eat veggies.

The bought mixture of seeds for birds isn't enough for a healthy, balanced diet. In my experience, I have found it difficult to encourage birds to eat vegetables and fruit. I have had experience with both...

August 14, 2015

My dog, Roxy, eats raw food. She has eaten raw food since she came into the house as at 10 weeks. At 11 years old, Roxy has had no health issues or concerns.


​Raw food is made from meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. It is bought frozen and dethawed before feeding. Wi...

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