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Kids and Pets: care & Responsibility Lessons

Bringing a new animal home?

Do you want your child to be more involved in the care and responsibility of your new pet?


Does your child want a pet, but you don't want the responsibility of looking after the pet or teaching your child how to look after the pet?


In order to create a lasting, harmonious relationship between the pet and your child, it is important that the child learns to see the pet as a living creature instead of a toy.


Children will learn:

  • How to understand the animal by reading the animal's body language - to know when and how to interact with the animal.

  • What the animal needs to survive.

  • Facts and history of the animal.

  • Feeding the animal.

  • Grooming the animal.

  • Cleaning/Bathing the animal.

  • Cleaning up after the pet (Recognize which items animals will chew or destroy and how to protect belongings).

  • Cleaning the animal's cage, if applicable, or surroundings.

  • Confidence when dealing and interacting with animals.

  • To be gentle. (Never smack, pull ears or tails, or forcibly lead the pet.)

  • When to leave the pet alone and not to disturb the pet.

  • When rough and tumble games are appropriate.


Children can learn about the following animals:
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Lizards, and Fish


In Person : Children will learn about the pet of their choice through three (3) private 1-hour (1:1) lessons.

Rate: $120/three 1-hour lessons.

Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Please contact to book a set of three lessons and for available times.






Online Distance Education:

Children can learn about Rabbits or Cats through an online course.

For more information on the Rabbit Course click here.

For more information on the Cat Course click here.






Click the Paw prints

To receive information on the benefits of animal interaction and how to incorporate animals into your child's life.

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