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Want me to work with you and your dog?

Working  with me 1:1 is for you if :

  • You want to create an action plan that you are ready to implement

  • You are willing to do work

  • You are willing to set time aside every day for training on your own

  • You understand that dog training is on going

  • You want guidance and support while you train your dog

  • You want to improve your dogs quality of life

  • You want to strengthen your bond with your dog

  • You want to live in harmony with your dog

  • You want to consider your pet's body, mind, and soul

  • You would like to use natural and humane treatments and methods

  • You are ready to learn positive reward based training techniques

Location: Richmond, BC (South Arm area, in between Garden  City and 4rd)


Consultation, Suggestions, & one 1:1 30 min session: $150

Each Additional 30 min Session: $40

If you'd like to continue, follow these steps:

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Schedule

Step 3: Approval, Payment and Consultation

Thanks! Message has been sent. Please contiune to Step 2

Step 1: Application

1 hr

Step 2: Schedule your Consultation

Cat Head

Step 3: Approval, Payment and Consultation

Within the next few days you will receive an E-mail from Caitlin with further instructions. If you and your pet are a good match, your request will be approved. With your request approved, you will need to make your payment before your Consultation date. Payment details will be included in the approval email.


 " Caitlin’s training methods have really helped me calm and focus my very hyperactive dog Gypsy. My dog is a mixed breed dog, so she has what I would consider multiple personalities, and is quite challenging to get her to listen and focus on us when we need her to listen!


My main concern with Gypsy was she didn’t listen when there were distractions around her. Whether it’s out in public, or inside our home and people or dogs walk by outside, she can’t focus on us when we call out to her or when we need her to come over to us to get away from the distraction, because she’s so excited, that she doesn’t tend to listen.


Caitlin gave me a detailed outline of some unique methods and suggestions to help Gypsy calm her energy, and keep her active and entertained. Some of the tips I have tried on Gypsy to help calm her energy, and stimulate her mind have truly helped transformed Gypsy’s behaviour from once not listening to us around distractions, to completely focusing on us when we need her to. Gypsy’s behaviour has changed so much since implementing her strategies over a month ago, and I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her help, her time, and her methods! You only get what out of it what you choose to put in, so if you are wanting to try training that is different and unique, I would absolutely recommend Caitlin to anyone who truly cares about your animal’s wellbeing." ~ Alee S.

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