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Pets in an Emergency

The power recently went out at my house and it stayed out for almost 24 hours. Some houses in the area were out for over two days! I was surprised how hard it was to move around in the dark, find candles, prepare food, etc. This made me think of what a big emergency would be like and how to keep my pets safe as well as myself. I live in an area where large earthquakes are possible, although no earthquakes have happened, it is recommended to have an emergency kit.

Emergency kits are common and you can find many lists of items recommended for them. However, it isn't always common to see items for pets. This encouraged me to think of items to include for my pets.

I think that it would be important to include:

- dry kibble and some wet canned food

- bottled water

- blanket/towel

- leash and collar

- heat pack or hot water bottle - bandage wrap - wound disinfectant - crate/carrier

- a warm dog coat

I think that I would store all of these items in an old crate. I hope to find one in a thrift store or somewhere cheap. I'm going to keep the items inside a bag that is inside the crate, so that they can be removed and the pets can go inside the crate if needed.

Do you have a pet emergency kit? What is inside? Where do you keep it?

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