Cats and Plants

My cats love to crew on my plants. If they aren't chomping on them, they are knocking them over and spilling soil all over the ground. I have had to remove many plants from my home because of my cats, which is unfortunate because I love to have plants in the house.

To help solve this problem, I started to keep a pot of cat grass near one of their water bowls. I often see them chewing on the grass and they actually become excited when I bring out a fresh pot of grass. By providing them with their own grass that they can chew on, they have left my plants alone.

Why do cats like to crew on plants?

Sometimes it's for fun, sometimes comfort, and sometimes to get attention. However, it is important to know that cats that eat plants or grass excessively usually end up throwing up. If you find that your cat is eating excessively, you may want to remove the cat grass.

I have decided that I would like to try to build them their own garden. I don't expect this garden to provide many health benefits, but instead hopefully metal stimulation and enrichment to their day.

When building my garden, I wanted to find a planter that was wide and low to the ground. I wanted the cats to be able to sit inside the planter or outside by the rim and still have access to the plants. I new litter box is actually the perfect size and shape!

These are possible plants that you can use in your own cat garden. They are plants that are no only safe for cats, but also provide some benefits.


Valerian is a medicinal herb. Many cats love to rub, sniff and eat valerian. Valerian is a stimulant and gets cats moving and active.