The Dog Park

I regularly take my dog, Penny, to the dog park. She is a cattle dog mix, so she is a working dog and full of energy. Since I don't live on a farm and she doesn't have cattle to herd, I need to come up with a variety of creative ways that she can exercise and be active.

Since she is a very active dog, she always has a lot of energy. If I don't provide ways for her to use her body and mind, she will misbehave out of boredom.

Each day I do something different with Penny because she will get bored if we go on the same walk or do the same activity a few times in a row. It is important to keep it exciting and switch it up!

Here is a video of some of Penny's favorite places to walk.

Here is a video of Penny playing with other dogs!

Since we go to a lot of different dog parks, we have come across many different personalities, breeds, and owners!

Penny gets a long with all other dogs, but she prefers playing with dogs her size or smaller than her. She also doesn't like when a group of dogs run up to her and sniff her all at once. Sometimes, she can get nervous. Some days she prefers to just sniff and explore instead of playing with dogs and some day she tries to engage in a game of chase. However she is feeling, she is always friendly and excited to meet new dogs.

Penny and I have created a list of tips and guidelines for Dog Park Etiquette.

- Ensure that your dog is friendly with other dogs and people. This usually means that your dog has had a variety of experiences with other dogs (good socialization when young) or your dog is still a puppy and learning socialization. Puppy's are always friendly with other dogs and people.