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Is my Cat Bored?

People tend to think of cats as animals that do well on their own. Which may be true when compared to dogs, but cats still need love, affection and entertainment provided from their owners. Cats do spend most of their day sleeping and do like to have alone time, but that doesn't mean that they don't get bored. Cats need enrichment, entertainment, as well as physical and mental stimulation in their lives.

Bored cats may become stressed cats. Stressed cats often become sick or depressed cats. It is important to know when your cat is bored, so that you can provide some excitement! The following are a few ways that cats may show you that they are bored.

- Change in eating habits. Under eating or over eating.

- Change in sleeping habits and energy levels. Sleeping too much.

- Over grooming and hair loss or bald spots.

- Excessive Scratching

- Destructive Behaviours

- Hiding

If you think that your cat may be bored or if you cat has recently shown any of these behaviours, the first thing that you need to do is take your cat to the vet! Once medical reasons are eliminated, try the following.

- Play together, use wand toys with your cat

- Provide toys for your cat when you are not around

- Offer catnip

- Use a variety of different toys

- Teach your cat how to use a leash and take your cat outside

- Give your cat puzzle games

- Give your cat a cat tree with a good scratching post

- Spend more time with your cat (playing & relaxing)

Here is a video with some ideas of simple toys you can make yourself

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