Summer Activities with your Cat and Dog

I think that Summer is a great opportunity to bring your cat or dog along with you on some great trips and activities. I have plans for my pets this summer. I want to involve them in as many outdoor activities as possible. Camping, hiking, canoe trips, trails, beaches, BBQs, and so much more! Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing with your pet. Create a summer bucket list for you and your cat or dog. Share the list!

Below are my tips and tricks when taking my cat or dog outdoors.

Traveling with Cats (Day Trips/Short Trips)

I think that traveling with cats can be a great experience, if done the correct way.

It is important to take cats outside of the house because cats need physical activity and mental stimulation.

A trip or outside time can be healthy and fun but it can also be scary, overwhelming and dangerous.

Before you decide that you want to take your cat with you on a trip or on an outdoor adventure, it is important to realize that cats are curious and will notice everything in their environment. They'll want to look and listen and smell before moving on. If you would like to take your cat for a walk, it can sometimes be slow and you won't actually be walking, more like following your cat around and hovering over them while the sniff the plants.

But this can be a good thing, and cats can help you slow down and see the world in a whole new way. Even the backyard can be a big adventure for your cat.

Once a cat is comfortable on leash, going outside, and comfortable in different environments, cats can keep you company relaxing beside the campfire and sitting on the front porch.

You can even take your cat for a walk or a hike, with a backpack designed for cats.

Road Trips with Cats

If you are taking your cat along with you’re a on a road trip, you will need to have your cat in a carrier and comfortable on a leash and harness.