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Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides. A message from an animal guide.

I love to connect to animal guides by painting their message with oil on canvas.

For this painting, horse and crow came together to share a message about grace, playfulness, authenticity, and community. Horse has always been one of my main guides. I’ve also always been drawn to crows and find them fascinating.

animal spirit guides

Message from Horse: For this second half of winter, be gentle with yourself. Find grace and beauty in stillness. Horses give and receive affection from a place of stillness. Don’t rush into productivity and growth. Wait until spring to take big action steps. However, that isn’t an excuse to procrastinate. Take action if it brings you joy. Find grace, flow, and ease. Mentally prepare yourself for the growth and work that spring brings. Be aware of what is going on internally and externally. Listen to what your body needs. Be free, free to play, free to experience joy and love. Be silly. Play to clear your head.

Message from Crow: Consider the people in your life and your relationships. Who do you surround yourself with? Crows have a strong focus on community. Crow asks us to evaluate our role in the interactions that we have with others. Are you showing others your gifts and talents? Are you sharing your skills and wisdom? Everyone is unique and has a unique gift to share. When we follow our passions and then share our knowledge, we become happier and healthier, and others around us also benefit. Express yourself. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Be proud of who you are and let yourself shine. Crows share stories amongst their community. Stories increase their knowledge and help protect each other. What stories do you have to share with the world? What role do you want to embrace within your community? Crows also cooperatively raise their young and care for the elderly. Who is vulnerable that you can offer support to? Crows mate for life. Who is supporting you and accepting you? Celebrate those relationships, strengthen the bonds that you have, and show gratitude for the love and support in your life.

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