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The Energy of Capricorn Season and your Pet with Tarot

Welcome to Capricorn Season! The first day of Capricorn season is December 22nd and the lasts until January 19th.

During Capricorn season, you are more likely to feel ambitious. It is a time to organize, make plans, and set goals. Take time to engage in strategic planning for long-term success. This is the time to create schedules and routines that will set us up in the future. Create the foundation that you need to achieve your goals.

The vibe of Capricorn: driven, focused, disciplined, accountable, resilient, respectful, structured, self assessment and acknowledgment.

Animals are more in tune with the energy and natural cycles. This means that they can strongly feel and be affected by the current zodiac season. Working with your animals and encouraging them to align with Capricorn energy involves learning, celebrating, and planning.

During this time of year, take time to assess your daily routine. How can you improve your routine so that your animal feels safer, healthier, calmer, or happier?

This season, consider what you want to commit to during the upcoming year. What do you want to commit to doing more of? less of? What commitments can you make to yourself and your animal that will improve both of your lives? For example, you could choose to commit to bringing more peace into the home. A more peaceful household will benefit both you and your pet. What commitment do you choose to make to yourself and your animal?

Working with your animals and encouraging them to align with Capricorn energy involves taking responsibility for your knowledge of how you can improve your animal's quality of life (and your own life!). This is the perfect time to learn more about improving your animal's diet or behaviour. Pick up a book on dog training or cat behaivour. What do you want to learn about? Choose to learn from a mentor, take a class, or do your own research on something that will improve your animal's life, whether that is their diet, learning to communicate and understand them, or whatever you feel drawn to learning more about. Capricorn energy values wisdom and experience, making it an excellent time to seek advice.

Capricorn energy encourages us to hard work but we also need to remember the importance of rest. Maintain a healthy balance between productivity and self-care. Spend more time planning than actually doing. If you are excited about taking action, go for it - but remember that the winter season is a season of rest and relaxation. In addition to recharging, so that we can take action in the Spring, celebrate your achievements. What have you and your animal accomplished over the past year? What milestones can you celebrate? Recognize your hard work and perseverance.

Use this tarot spread to work with your familiar and the energy of Capricorn season.

Capricorn Season Tarot Spread for working with Familiars
Capricorn Season Tarot Spread for working with Familiars


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