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How to Show your Dog more Love

I am always conscious of what I am communicating to my animals. More than anything, I want to communicate to my dogs that I love them. These are some ways that you can show your dog that you love them, in ways that they will actually understand.

  • Play! Quick 5 min games throughout the day

  • Give your dog massages that are gentle and relaxing

  • Spend time with your dog in the morning

  • Invite your dog to be near and around you

  • Include your dog in daily routines

  • Groom your dog gently

  • Take your dog for walks

  • Provide variety

  • Provide choices

  • Fun short training sessions (not obedience)

  • Be present and in the moment with your dog

  • Listen to what your dog is communicating with you

  • Go on adventures with your dog

  • Remain calm around your dog - Be a safe space

  • Get to know your dog 's personality, their likes and dislikes

  • Provide a variety of healthy foods and treats

  • Accept your dog for who they are

For more ideas and to expand on the list above, watch the video below

How are you showing your dog love today?

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