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The energy of Pisces Season and your Pet: Activities & Tarot for Witches and their Familiars

Welcome to Pisces season. Pisces season starts around February 19 — March 20

The vibe of Pisces is: empathy, intuition, self-love, compassion, trust, and self-expression.

The qualities of Pisces are empathetic, intuitive, and creative. Pisces are emotionally aware, artistic, imaginative, and spiritual.

If you're a witch who is ready to work with the energy of this time of year, looking for ideas & activities to do with your familiar, and tarot for Pisces season, keep reading!

During this time, it may be beneficial to set boundaries, focus on spirituality, love, and turn inwards. Pisces energy can assist with releasing limiting relationships, grudges, resentments, and jealousy.

When it comes to working with your familiar, the animal that you have a connection with, during Pisces season focus on remaining calm and practicing surrender and trust. Develop your ability to trust your familiar to behave appropriately or to make safe and calm choices. As long as it is safe, provide your animal with some freedom.

This is also a great time to work on developing a meditation practice or energy healing, such as Reiki or t-touch with your familiar. During this time of the year, focus on creating a calm, safe space where you and your familiar can cuddle, relax, listen to calming music, meditate, and do gentle stretches together.

Focus on remaining calm and patient.

For Pisces season, spend time in nature with your animal. Near peaceful bodies of water can be relaxing and refreshing. If your animal enjoys swimming and it is possible to allow them to swim, this is a great time of year to connect to the element of water.

For more details on Pisces season, how you can work with the energy of Pisces and your familiar, and for a tarot card reading to receive a message from your familiar watch this video:

Use this tarot spread to work with your familiar and the energy of Pisces season.

pisces tarot for witches and their familiars

This is a meditation that can help you work with the energy of Pisces season as well as your familiar. It also helps you go with the flow, surrender, and trust. Enjoy!


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