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Healing with the Scorpio Full Moon and your Pet

The full moon in Scorpio brings transformation, empowerment, and clarity. It is a time for self-acceptance, self-love, and understanding ourselves as we become more aware of our beliefs or behaviors that no longer align with our authentic selves and our desires.

With the help of this full moon, we become more self-aware as we find the opportunity for revelations of our patterns, fears, and behaviours that we are now able to release and heal.

During this full moon period, release control and surrender to the process of releasing and healing. In general, all full moons help us realize, but this Scorpio full moon is especially good at healing and releasing.

Take time to turn within to release something you've been hiding or ignoring. Doing so will bring more clarity.

You may find this time challenging or emotional. Trust in the process of the transformation. Our animals can help us become aware of and accept those emotions that are holding us back. These are the emotions that we need to release. Let yourself feel. Give yourself love.

Our animals can also assist us in accepting ourselves are we are right now, as they come from a place of unconditional love. Tune into their frequency of love and acceptance. Give yourself the same acceptance, forgiveness and love that you give your animal, and your animal gives to you. How can you show yourself (and your animal) some extra love during this full moon period?

Use the meditation and tarot spread below to heal with the full moon in Scorpio and work with the energy of your familiar (pet), the animal that you have a connection with.

scorpio full moon

scorpio full moon


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