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What Are the Best Tips for Increasing Your Dog's Lifespan and Health?

I want my dogs to live as long as possible! Through research, I've found that these tips can increase the lifespan of my dogs.

Typically, small breeds often live longer than large dog breeds. However, lifestyle influences longevity more than genetics. Many things can be done to support your dog's health and longevity.

Feed your dog high-quality, balanced, and nutritious food, and limit processed foods.

Consider vaccinations and titer tests instead of automatic booster shots to prevent over-vaccinations.

Provide regular wellness checks on your own to monitor your dog's coat, teeth, ears, behavior, and appetite. Consistent and regular grooming and hygiene.

Enrich your dog's environment by providing a variety of opportunities to learn and act on species-specific behaviours.

Consider your dog's emotional well-being by providing love, trust, and acceptance through positive reinforcement while strengthing your bond.

For details and ideas on how to implement these tips, watch the video below

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