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Summer Program

During this Pet Themed Camp, children create art projects, learn about pet care, animal behaviour and animal body language. Each week focuses on a different pet. The pets children will learn about are dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, lizards, fish, and frogs. Children will create agility courses for rabbits and dogs, as well as basic training techniques for a variety of animals.

The program encourages creativity, imagination, exploration, and uses companion animals to teach responsibility and empathy while building self esteem and psychological and emotional well-being.

Pet Themed Summer Camp occurs twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for 3 hours a day.

The camp runs from July 11 - August 31, 2017

Daily Schedule For Ages 5 - 7                                               Daily Schedule For Ages 8 - 10  

11:00 am - 2 pm                                                                        3pm - 6pm

11:00 - 12:20    Art                                                                    3:00 - 4:20    Art

12:20 - 12:40    Snack                                                               4:20 - 4:40    Snack

12:40 - 1:30      Cherished Companion Time                        4:40 - 5:30   Cherished Companion Time        

1:30 - 2:00        Free Play with Pet of choice                         5:00 - 6:00    Free Play with Pet of choice

Sample Art Projects:

-paper mache creations

-acrylic paintings on canvas

-water colour paintings

-sewing projects (simple hand stitching)

-clay and plasticine work

-charcoal and pastel drawings

Focus on imagination, creativity, and exploration while learning techniques and how to correctly use tools and mediums.

Outcome is a well put together finished product at the end of 4-6 classes

Cherished Companion Time:

Students spend time with a variety of different animals, depending on availability and interest of student.

During this time students learn about animal behaviour, care and responsibility, respect of living beings, research skills, data and log keeping skills, animal training, and animal psychology.

Students also gain the benefits from spending time with animals, such as, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, self esteem building, and compassion.

Sample Provided Snacks:

-carrots, celery and hummus                        -jello

-cereal                                                               -oatmeal

-cookies and milk                                            -toast and jam/wow butter/honey

-grilled cheese                                                 -crackers and cheese

-apple slices                                                     -fruit salad

-pudding                                                           -yogurt

Please notify of any allergies or preferences.

Location: Richmond, BC (South Arm Area)

Student Teacher Ratio:  One Teacher for every 2 students

Rate:  $20/day = $40/week = $160/month = $320/Total per child. Payment is made monthly.

Included in price: daily snack, scrapbook, animal log book, art supplies

Apply now for Summer 2018, as spots are limited (only 2 children per age group are accepted)

Acceptance depends on deposit and availability of openings.

To apply, simply fill out Application Form

Click the Paw prints

To receive information on the benefits of animal interaction and how to incorporate animals into your child's life.

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