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Interested more meditations to connect to your pet?

Find me on YouTube

Join my Membership to create a Magical Bond with your Cat or Dog

Join for as low as $5 a month

Members (depending on chosen level) will receive each month:

- One Collective Tarot Reading. A message from our pets, to us.

- One 'Pick a Card' Tarot Reading from an animal guide.

- Instructions for a ritual or activity for you to do with your own familiar (dog or cat) to connect spiritually and create a magical bond.

Each month the activity varies and can include, but not limited to; charms, spells, meditations, crystals, recipes, tarot, astrology, working with the seasons and the Wheel of the year, the elements, and animal communication.

No experience in these areas are required, just an open mind and love for your familiar. 

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