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Behaviour Consulting: Cat

Is your cat stressed or aggressive? Does your cat show fear or shyness?

Is your cat having trouble adjusting to household changes, new pets or family members?

Perhaps, your cat is showing sudden behaviour changes that are causing you to feel

stressed, frustrated or even angry at your cat.

You and your cat need help! You love your cat, you want to enjoy your life with your

cat, and you want your cat to be happy, healthy, and to feel your love.

I understand how it feels to love your cat and see sudden behaviour changes that cause stress, frustration, and anger in the household. To know that your cat is unhappy and to try to do everything possible to solve the problem in order to make your cat and household happy again. Cats are sensitive creatures, and even the smallest change can upset them a great deal. It can be hard to pin point what is causing them trouble, never mind knowing how to solve it, help them, and return your cat to a fun, playful, cuddly cat again.

You need the help of a cat behaviourist and trainer, someone that has experienced the same thing as you, understands what you are going through, spent years learning about cat behaviour, adores cats, understands cats, and will provide you with insight, answers, and assistance.

Click, Yes, I want to work with a cat behaviorist to get started or keep reading to find out more.


The Process:

01 Consultation

Describe your situation and your cat's behaviours.

Describe the issues/problems that you are having with your cat and what changes                                      you would like to see.

02 Trainer will contact you with any questions or clarification needed.

03 After receiving your answers, trainer will develop a custom detailed plan for you and your cat that addresses all of your specific concerns, questions, and worries, as well as give you suggestions and actions to take. You will receive your plan in pdf format, through email.

Plans usually involve a change in the environment (your house or your cat's space), changes to daily schedules, diet, Reiki treatment*, or increasing the interaction/attention given to your cat.

04 You implement the plan by preforming required actions and steps.

05 You may contact trainer by email as frequently as you'd like, for up to 3 months with any questions, concerns, for additional suggestions, or for assistance implementing the plan and seeing results.

Conversations are done through Email or Skype.

Detailed plan for you and your cat is received in pdf format by Email

Behavioural issues can involve, but are not limited to:

  • Litter Box Training

  • Introducing or Reintroducing Cats

  • Aggression

  • Unwanted behaviours (scratching, consistant meowing, jumping, etc.)

  • Depression or sadness after a loss of owner or cat companion


Cat behaviour vancouver cat training animal communication
Cat behaviour vancouver cat training animal communication

* Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki can help heal animals that are in pain, depressed, or stressed, and correct behavioral issues.

Contact me with your pet's issues and we will discuss the fee.
Sessions are 30 mins long for $25

The type of issues and animal's personality will determine how many sessions are needed until benefits are noticeable.

Location of session depends on issues and animal.

Locations that are quiet, without distractions, and where the animal feels comfortable are best.

Support can be in your home or my office.

Please contact and describe your situation and expectations






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