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Reiki for your Pet

What is it? Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

What is it for & What can it treat? Reiki can help heal animals that are in pain, depressed, or stressed, and assists in correcting behavioral issues.

Contact me with your pet's issues and we will discuss the fee.


What is the process? Sessions are in the privacy of your own home, location does not matter. Sessions are done distantly and online. Place your pet in a comfortable and quiet area. Locations that are quiet, without distractions, and where the animal feels comfortable are best. Where your pet sleeps at night or in a crate (if your pet enjoys the crate) are typically used. Sessions are around 40 mins long.

Rate: $50

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The type of issues that are being treated and animal's personality will determine how many sessions are needed until benefits are noticeable.

Who can Benefit from Reiki

-cancer patients under going treatment

-pets healing from surgery or illness

-aging and transitioning pets

-pets with behaviour problems

-pets experiencing stress of life changes

-pets with a history of abuse

-pets that need a relief from pain

-pets that are experiencing anxiety or fear

-pets experiencing arthritis


Benefits of Reiki

 - physical healing

 - psychological treatment

 - general wellness

 - relieve tension

 - alleviate fears

 - provide a sense of peace

- stress reduction


Recommended Frequency of Sessions

One Sessions usually lasts from 20 - 40 mins, depending on the animal. The frequency of sessions also depends on the animal and the animal's needs. Using the time frames below as a guide may be helpful in understanding how many Reiki sessions may be required to see any benefits.

For an Immune Booster: 1 Session per week for  4 - 6 weeks

To Reduce Stress: 1 - 2 Sessions per week for 2 - 4 weeks

To Recover from an Illness: 4 - 6 Sessions per week for 1 - 2 weeks


Why Reiki is Ideal for Animals

-It can address any problem an animal may have; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, without us needing to know which issue the animals needs assistance with

-It is gentle and noninvasive, yet powerful

-It heals the origin of the problem, even without knowing what the origin is

-It can do no harm

-It cannot be overdone

-It always heals, even if you don't see any outward solution

-It works well with all other methods of healing, treatment, and medication

Rate: $50 for 40 min distance Reiki session for you pet

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Still not sure?

Read more about Reiki on our blog by clicking below



Recent Pet Owners have reported that after a single Distance Reiki Session their pets:

- began taking their medication easier when it had previously been a struggle

-kept their medication down when previously had been throwing it up

-began eating and drinking water again when there was no previous interest

-appeared to be calmer and more relaxed

-become less fearful and more confident

Please feel free to contact and describe your situation and expectations or ask questions

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