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Hey! I'm Caitlin.


I have always grown up with and felt very connected

to animals. As an only child, I spent most of my time

around animals. As I grew a bit older, I discovered that

I understood animals better than I did most people.

I could communicate with them, in a language that

didn't use words. I could understand what they wanted

and needed. I knew how to make them feel good,

happy, and safe. It came naturally.

When I was young, I use to think that this type of

connection was common. Being an only child and

spending a lot of time alone, I thought my connection

with animals was normal. As I got older, I realized that

other people just couldn’t understand animals the

same way I could.

As a teenager, in fear of being ‘weird’ or ‘different’,

I disconnected a bit from animals. However, that didn’t last long. I just didn’t feel myself.

It took a bit to accept that I do have this gift and trust that my connection is real. I am now able to embrace my gifts. Since I’ve really embraced, enjoyed and practiced connecting to animals, I’ve been helping others solve behavioural and emotional issues with their cats and dogs.

I do this by helping others connect to and understand what their own animals are trying to communicate to them. I help them use natural and holistic methods such as crystals, herbs, massage, working with the animals’ chakras and Reiki along with positive reinforcement training. I believe in providing an environment for animals that ensures both mental health and physical health. It is truly something I am passionate about and I love considering our pet’s body, mind and soul.


I want to celebrate the love animals give us and cherish the human - animal bond. I wish to assist others in achieving that special, one of a kind bond.


I want to educate others about the needs of animals and encourage the respect of all living creatures as beings with feelings and emotions.


I opened Cherished Companions with the intent to assist those with the same beliefs about their pets and ensure that their pet lives a happy and healthy (mentally and physically) life.  I look at animals holistically. I consider their body, mind, and soul.


Providing the best care starts with the owner. It takes a large amount of knowledge and time. It can become very overwhelming and very frustrating. Cherished Companions will ensure that you, your family, and your pet will live a happy life together.


Many pets end up at a shelter through no fault of their own. Cherished Companions wishes to teach, train, and assist those having difficulties so that they do not need to abandon their pet.


My Education & Training:

My combination of counselling/psychology, teaching, and animal/pet related experience and knowledge has ensured my confidence in the necessary skills needed to provide you with the best pet care services and education. 

Psychology & Counselling Background

           - BA majoring in Psychology

           - Diploma of Professional Couselling

           - Addiction Workers Certificate

           - Art Therapy Certificate

Early Childhood Education and Training

         - B.Ed (elementary school, primary focus)

         - Early Childhood Education Course Certificate

Animal and Pet Background

        - Animal Psychology and Behaviour Education

        - Veterinary Support Assistant Certificate

        - Animal Reiki Level 1 Certificate

        - Pet First Aid Certificate

        - Dog Training Certificate

        - Pet Sitting Certificate

        - Brillant Partners Academy Member with Dancing Hearts Dog Academy


To read more about my connection to animals, click here



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