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Dog Training : Puppy & Adult Dog

Dog training is based on positive reinforcement and relationship building.

With all training, there is a focus on effective communication between owner and dog,

  understanding how the human's energy affects the dog's behavior

while building a relationship between dog and owner based on love and trust.

Training is designed to teach the owner how to live in harmony with their dog.

45 min Basic Training Session:

Acceptable for Puppies and Adult dogs

Works on Basic Essential Commands such as:

- Recall (Come when Called)

- Sit

- Stay

- Lay Down

- Heel/Acceptable Leash Walking


Please note:

* commands covered during a session vary, depending on previous learning and learning speed.

* problem behaviours and unwanted behaviours such as barking, jumping, chewing, etc.

   are not addressed, please view "working on problem behaviours" below.

Owners will work with trainer to learn the skills essential to train their dog.

Dogs learn best with consistency and frequency.

Owners need to be committed to continuing training on their own for the best results.

Trainer will provide the owner with skills so that owner feels confident training their dog.

The number of sessions to see improvement and learning varies with every dog.

Sessions are private (1:1)

Location: Outdoors, Richmond, BC (South Arm area, in between Garden City and 4rd)

Three 45 min Sessions: $300.00

Five 45 min Sessions: $450


Working on Problem Behaviours:

Each behaviour is different and treatment/training varies with each dog.

First a consultation is required.

A consultation is a discussion of unwanted behaviours, expectations, and wishes.

After a consultation, depending on the consultation results, the trainer will

- provide suggestions or changes that you can do at home

- work 1:1 with dog


Problem Behaviours are, but are not limited to, attention-seeking (begging, barking), compulsive chewing, jumping up, play biting, and whining.

Location: Outdoors, Richmond, BC (South Arm area, in between Garden City and 4rd)


Consultation, Suggestions, & Private 30 min session: $300

Each Additional 30 min Session: $50


Working on more Serious Behaviours:

Aggression, Separation Anxiety, and Fear

‘Bad’ behaviors are not disobedience

Unwanted or 'bab' behaviours are habits the dog has inadvertently learned over the years or as a form of communication by your dog.

Your dog is not giving you a hard time, your dog is having a hard time.

Training varies depending on the dog.

Total Training cost, time length, and amount of sessions depend on the dog and will be determined after consultations.

Location: Outdoors, Richmond, BC (South Arm area, in between Garden City and 4rd)


A consultation is required to discuss behaviour and expectations before the trainer creates a plan.

The plan usually consists of the dog working with the trainer during multiple 30 min sessions.

Rates vary depending on the required number of sessions.

After consultation total cost of treatment will be determined.




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dog training secrets!

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Paw Prints


 " Caitlin’s training methods have really helped me calm and focus my very hyperactive dog Gypsy. My dog is a mixed breed dog, so she has what I would consider multiple personalities, and is quite challenging to get her to listen and focus on us when we need her to listen!


My main concern with Gypsy was she didn’t listen when there were distractions around her. Whether it’s out in public, or inside our home and people or dogs walk by outside, she can’t focus on us when we call out to her or when we need her to come over to us to get away from the distraction, because she’s so excited, that she doesn’t tend to listen.


Caitlin gave me a detailed outline of some unique methods and suggestions to help Gypsy calm her energy, and keep her active and entertained. Some of the tips I have tried on Gypsy to help calm her energy, and stimulate her mind have truly helped transformed Gypsy’s behaviour from once not listening to us around distractions, to completely focusing on us when we need her to. Gypsy’s behaviour has changed so much since implementing her strategies over a month ago, and I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her help, her time, and her methods! You only get what out of it what you choose to put in, so if you are wanting to try training that is different and unique, I would absolutely recommend Caitlin to anyone who truly cares about your animal’s wellbeing." ~ Alee S.

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