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Manifestation Rituals with your Familiar


Take a Manifestation Journey with your Familiar

A 2021 Calendar and Planner that uses

  • The Wheel of the Year

  • Lunar Phases

  • Astrology

  • Ayurveda

  • Tarot

  • Manifestation Tools 

  • Rituals to do with your Familiar

  • Energy Management (Chakra Alignment, Meditation & Visualization)

    To Manifest your Dream Life

Live in Alignment with Nature's Natural Cycles

and Develop a magical Bond to your Familiar

while manifesting your deepest desires.

What is a Familiar?

A familiar is an animal that a witch feels a strong connection with. That animal will assist the witch in anyway possible. I believe that our pets are always trying to help us. They try to help us regulate our emotions, balance our energy, be mindful and present, focus on gratitude, let us give and receive love, and are always trying to communicate with us. Animals are very spiritual and connected to their intuition and they can help us do the same.

Co-create with your Familiar and the Universe

Learn how to tap into your familiar's energy and assistance so that the two of you can co-create and manifest desires.

Set Intentions according to the moon phases

Perform rituals with the support and assistance of your Familiar

Are you a beginner or new to the tools and concepts embedded within the Calendar? No problem!

Follow the simple instructions and prompts throughout the Calendar. No additional knowledge required. 

Easy to follow activities to do with your familiar

Follow the activities and rituals in this Calendar from January 2021 to December 2021

to use the energy of the moon and the seasons to set intentions,

release limiting blocks,

and work with your familiar at the most powerful and optimum times.

Philosophies Used:




Wheel of the Year

The Chakra System

Positive Reinforcement Training

Tools Used throughout Rituals and Activities:




Herbs or Essential Oils




No previous knowledge is required. Throughout the year by following the Calendar, you will learn:

How to Manifest

How to use the Phases of the Moon to set intentions, when to take action, and when to rest

How to use Ayurveda

How to work with the Sun

How to work with the Wheel of the Year and Celebrate the Sabbaths

How to use Tarot to Communicate with your Familiar

How to teach your familiar with positive reinforcement training

How to work with your own Chakras as well as your Familiar's Chakras

Working with Deities

Developing your psychic gifts

Communication with Animals (your familiar, spirit animal guides, passed pets)



Time Zones: The times and dates in the Calendar are in PST and written for the Western Hemisphere.

We will do our best to get your 2021 Calendar to you as soon as possible and in a timely manner. However production and shipping times are an estimate. Due to delays related to Covid-19 and other possible production and shipping delays, the arrival of your calendar may be delayed.


Join the Monthly Membership!

Every single month you will receive: 
- One Collective Tarot Reading. A group message from our pets, to us.

- One 'Pick a Card' Tarot Reading from an animal spirit guide.

- Instructions for an additional ritual or activity for you to do with your own familiar (dog or cat) to connect spiritually and create a magical bond.

This is an additional online activity that will not be included in your 2021 Calendar.
Each month the activity varies and can include, but is not limited to; charms, spells, meditations, crystals, recipes, tarot, astrology, working with the seasons and the Wheel of the year, the elements, and animal communication.
No experience in these areas is required, just an open mind and love for your familiar. 

- The opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, support, and assistance interpreting messages or tarot spreads related to the activities and rituals in the calendar.

About the Creator


I'm Caitlin, an Intuitive Animal Whisperer.

What is an Intuitive Animal Whisperer?

Well I've always had this special, magical bond with animals and over time I've realized that I have the ability to communicate with and understand animals in a way other people cannot. With my business Cherished Companions, I've been helping pet owners overcome behavioural and emotional issues their pets may be experiencing through holistic and natural methods that consider your pet's body, mind, and soul.

I've created this calendar for those of us that unconditionally love the animals in our life and want to connect with them on a magical level.

Enchanting our pets lives

by connecting to their soul through intuitive guidance and healing

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