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dog & Cat Communication Tarot Step Insid

If you are anything like me (and the majority of pet owners), you talk to your pets as if they are human.

You speak to them as if they know what you’re saying and as if they have the ability to answer back.

You may often wish you knew what your pet is thinking or feeling

Or wonder why they do some of those funny, strange or even frustrating behaviours.

What if I told you that they do understand what you are saying and that they can answer you back?

What if I told you that our pets often try to have conversations with us?


I’ve learned that our pets can not only understand us and try to communicate with us, they also teach us important life lessons.

We just need to take the time to listen.


It isn’t always easy, trying to understand what our pets are communicating to us.

If you’ve ever wondered what your pet was thinking,

how your pet feels, or what your pet wants;

this is the right tarot deck for you.

This tarot deck will give you clarity and help you understand your pet on a deeper, magical level.

This tarot deck helps you communicate and bond with your pet.


For years, I’ve been using the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck to communicate with and understand animals. I always  wanted a tarot deck that directly relates to our own cats and dogs.


As a dog trainer and cat behaviourist, I have combined positive reinforcement training techniques with each card meaning.

My understanding of dog and cat behaviour and body language is portrayed in each card meaning.

As an intuitive animal communicator, I feel that I was able to capture what our pets often try to tell us and in cooperate it into the card meanings.









Your Pet’s Energy

In general, animals tend to be more in tune to energy.  They are more sensitive to their surroundings. Have you noticed that your dog knows when you are sad or angry, maybe even before you realize it yourself? Have you noticed that your cat behaves differently to some house guests than to others? This is because animals pick up subtle changes in energy. They are very empathetic.


This tarot deck uses the concepts of our pet’s connecting to and reacting to our energy and the energy surrounding us to help us understand what our animals are trying to tell us. I like to think of our pet’s reaction to our energy in two ways; as a mirror and a sponge.


Our pets often act as a mirror. They will mirror back our own emotions to us. When we are anxious or nervous, so are our pets. When we are relaxed and calm, so are our pets. Next time your pet acts out aggressively or suddenly becomes anxious, check in with yourself and see how you are feeling. Sometimes difficult behaviors can be adjusted in our pets when we first look at why they are acting out. What causes them to do this behavior? Then looking at how we feel about the stimulus ourselves. Then finally, changing our own feelings towards that stimulus will often change our pet’s reaction (behavior).


If we are often in a state of anxiety or fear, our pets can act like a sponge. They try to soak up our energy and then release it. However, they will often release it in ways that we dislike. These ways can often be aggression, fear, and actions that we label as misbehaving, such as excessive barking, destruction of property, or going potty in inappropriate locations.

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deck details

- 78 Cards following the traditional tarot layout

 22 Major Arcana cards

 56 Minor Arcana cards, divided into four suits

- Corresponding E-Book

With Card Descriptions, Spreads, and Additional Information

Optional Purchase of a physical copy of the book

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How to use Tarot Cards with Dogs and Cats

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Training and Behaviour Modification

that considers your animal's Soul

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