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" Caitlin’s training methods have really helped me calm and focus my very hyperactive dog Gypsy. My dog is a mixed breed dog, so she has what I would consider multiple personalities, and is quite challenging to get her to listen and focus on us when we need her to listen!


My main concern with Gypsy was she didn’t listen when there were distractions around her. Whether it’s out in public, or inside our home and people or dogs walk by outside, she can’t focus on us when we call out to her or when we need her to come over to us to get away from the distraction, because she’s so excited, that she doesn’t tend to listen.


Caitlin gave me a detailed outline of some unique methods and suggestions to help Gypsy calm her energy, and keep her active and entertained. Some of the tips I have tried on Gypsy to help calm her energy, and stimulate her mind have truly helped transformed Gypsy’s behaviour from once not listening to us around distractions, to completely focusing on us when we need her to. Gypsy’s behaviour has changed so much since implementing her strategies over a month ago, and I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her help, her time, and her methods! You only get what out of it what you choose to put in, so if you are wanting to try training that is different and unique, I would absolutely recommend Caitlin to anyone who truly cares about your animal’s wellbeing. " ~ Alee S.

" Caitlin was the perfect fit for my little cat. I was looking for a safe and secure place for Begheera to stay while we were away a few days. Caitlin answered my messages with lots of information and I felt reassured that I had found the right match for Begheera.
Caitlin's space for a cat was perfect! It was like a cat cabin and I really felt that Begheera also had a vacation. There were loads of cat toys, perches and beds at different levels, a huge window to look out at—everything a cat could want!
When I picked Begheera up he was happy and affectionate and not at all stressed from the separation. I will definitely be using Caitlin again and I definitely recommend her! " ~  Sonja

 " Working with Caitlin was a wonderful experience! I initially reached out to her to do a tarot reading on some health issues my dog was experiencing. Caitlin contacted back quickly with the reading, which was spot on to what I thought was occurring with my dog but no veterinarian would listen to me. This reading made me more confident to address my dog’s health issues by finding a holistic vet who would listen to me. Caitlin offered to work with us one on one to develop my bond with my dog and my animal communication skills which was amazing! In total Caitlin produced four guided meditations (all 15-20 minutes long) that were aimed specifically at what was going on between me and my dog. Having these meditations really helped build the connection between us and also my confidence with animal communication. Caitlin was available by email and video calls to discuss what was occurring and give me tips on how to improve. She was very flexible in her schedule and what she offers, she really customizes her services for you and your individual situation. I learned a lot from Caitlin about animal communication, tarot, and energy healing and when I finished her program I really left feeling supported and that I have a good friend to turn to if I need more help. I would 100% recommend working with Caitlin and I hope to again in the future!." ~ Haylee G.

" Caitlin the reading you did  for me on Houdini was absolutely insane! I don't think you could have pulled a closer spread.  You were on point ... I enjoyed that so much! Thank you. That was something I didn't think I ever needed before,  but I'm spreading the word now- my sisters want in on this and I know so many people who would enjoy this so much ... You are doing amazing work that will not only make a lot of souls smile, but probably heal a bunch of them too! Keep it up! " ~  T

Painted Pet Portriats


Thank you so much for taking so much care in capturing our much loved Sasha.

Teresa S

5 out of 5 stars

Stunning painting, SO much expression (not visible until you see it in person). Lovely colors, beautiful work. I SO love this painting (I bought it in memory of a cat I recently lost). I really appreciate it. Many thanks.

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