Have you ever fantasied about having a real meaningful

conversation with your dog or your cat?


Or about having a magical connection with animals?


Do you wish to develop a bond with an animal based on

unconditional love, mutual respect, trust and understanding?


My dogs and cats are my family.

I want them to live their best life!

In order to provide them with a high quality life,

I take the time to consider their body, mind, and soul

In doing so, the magical bond occurs naturally as a bonus!


I do this through

  • effectively understanding and communicating with them

  • positive reinforcement training

  • preventative care with natural foods and products

  • energy healing

  • environmental changes

  • providing a variety of enrichment and balance in their life


In addition to modern training methods, I use

  • crystals

  • meditation

  • essential oils

  • Reiki

  • Ayurveda

  • massage

  • intuitive animal communication

Work with me!

To discover the root and cause of behavioral issues or struggles in order to truly improve your pet's quality of life and to live in harmony with your happy, healthy furry family member. Learn More!

Want me to work

with you & your pet?

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Testimonial for Cherished Companions:

 " Caitlin’s training methods have really helped me calm and focus my very hyperactive dog Gypsy. My dog is a mixed breed dog, so she has what I would consider multiple personalities, and is quite challenging to get her to listen and focus on us when we need her to listen!


My main concern with Gypsy was she didn’t listen when there were distractions around her. Whether it’s out in public, or inside our home and people or dogs walk by outside, she can’t focus on us when we call out to her or when we need her to come over to us to get away from the distraction, because she’s so excited, that she doesn’t tend to listen.


Caitlin gave me a detailed outline of some unique methods and suggestions to help Gypsy calm her energy,

and keep her active and entertained. Some of the tips I have tried on Gypsy to help calm her energy, and

stimulate her mind have truly helped transformed Gypsy’s behaviour from once not listening to us around

distractions, to completely focusing on us when we need her to. Gypsy’s behaviour has changed so much

since implementing her strategies over a month ago, and I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her help, her time,

and her methods! You only get what out of it what you choose to put in, so if you are wanting to try training

that is different and unique, I would absolutely recommend Caitlin to anyone who truly cares about

your animal’s wellbeing." ~ Alee S.



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