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Caitlin Gawa

Trainer & Behaviorist

Animal Communicator

Tarot Reader

Pets are more than just animals - they are spiritual beings with unique personalities and energies.

Do you love your dog or cat and want to live in harmony with your animal while understanding their needs and emotions?

Instead of feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by your pets' behavior, improve your relationship with your dog or cat and help them heal from any physical, mental or emotional issues.

I offer a unique combination of positive reinforcement training methods with energy healing techniques, animal communication, and tarot.

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Have you ever fantisisied about having a real meaningful

conversation with your dog or your cat?


Or about having a magical connection with animals?


Do you wish to develop a bond with an animal based on

unconditional love, mutual respect, trust, and understanding?


My dogs and cats are my family.

I want them to live their best life!

In order to provide them with a high-quality life,

I take the time to consider their body, mind, and soul

In doing so, the magical bond occurs naturally as a bonus!


I do this through

  • effectively understanding and communicating with them

  • positive reinforcement training

  • preventative care with natural foods and products

  • energy healing

  • environmental changes

  • providing a variety of enrichment and balance in their life


In addition to modern training methods, I use

  • crystals

  • meditation

  • essential oils

  • Reiki

  • Ayurveda

  • massage

  • intuitive animal communication

Work with me!

To discover the root and cause of behavioral issues or struggles in order to truly improve your pet's quality of life and to live in harmony with your happy, healthy, furry family member. Learn More!

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