Dragon Companions

Dragon Spirit Guides

Yes, that's right - you have your very own dragon spirit guide!

It is time to meet your dragon.

Dragon Spirit Guides helps us to connect to and understand our life purpose and our strengths.

They teach us how to use our  power to create necessary transformations to live the life of our dreams and achieve our desires.

Dragons are captivating and mysterious.

Working with dragon energy can unleash massive promise and magic as dragons are known for their power and strength.

Intuitive Dragon Reading & Painting

Discover your Dragon Guide's Identity & Connect to your Dragon Spirit Guide

For this channeled reading, you will receive:

 - a message from your very own dragon guide

 - an intuitive water color painting of your dragon that will be shipped by Canada Post to your address

 - a description of your dragon's elements, energy, characteristics

Dragon Companions Tarot Deck

                             Coming 2021

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Step into the world of charismatic dragons with this tarot deck.

It’s a world full of dragons ready to assist you in revealing

your inner desires, overcoming conflicts,

and creating the magic in your life.


The dragons in this deck are approachable and warmhearted. They reveal their compassionate and playful nature, all the while reminding us that dragons are wild, untamed, and powerful. They are motivated by altruism. They are true to their judgments and beliefs. They value fairness, knowledge, and self discovery. They are magical creatures that live a meaningful and fulfilling life governed their own rules.


These dragons exist in a human world, but are hesitant to engage in excessive human interaction and contact. Since the beginning of time, dragons have attempted to assist humans in gaining clarity and connection to their higher self. From the stories and teachings passed on through ancestral history, dragons have learned that humans often misunderstand or misinterpret the intent and actions of dragons. For these reasons, dragons proceed carefully and cautiously when attempting to share psychic and magical messages to humans. They prefer humans to seek them out for guidance and insight. This tarot deck gives you the opportunity to receive a compassionate message from dragon guides.


Visually, the dragons throughout the deck are portrayed as affectionate, fun-loving and softhearted. The illustrations are tranquil, with soft edges, and gentle lines to evoke a feeling of contentment. The warm images throughout the deck are achieved with watercolor and pastel shades. The serene and peaceful designs foster a friendly, child-like ambiance, which help highlight the compassionate characteristics of dragons.

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