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Pet Grief Counselling

Have you recently lost a member of your fur family?

It is common to visit a counsellor after a family member passes for help through the rough time, losing an animal companion can be equally as difficult.

Grief is not an emotion to ignore as it can greatly impact your life when dealt with incorrectly.

Children as well as Adults can benefit from a session with a grief counsellor after the loss of a pet.

Grief Counselling for Adults:

Life is busy and when an animal companion passes, it can feel as if life should come to a halt. Similar to when a family member passes, duties and responsibilities become overwhelming. It can feel as if one is no longer capable of continuing. For this reason, it is important to express the emotions that accompany loss and to move through the grieving process. Visiting a counsellor can assist in overcoming the emotions and behaviours caused by grief more effectively and efficiently. ​

Grief Counselling of Children:

It isn't easy for children to understand the passing of their pet. A counsellor can assist in creating a safe place for the child to ask questions, express emotions, and develop an understanding of the passing. Often the technique of art therapy is used. Art therapy encourages the child to draw or create to express emotions, questions, and thoughts. During sessions religious beliefs and beliefs about life after death are not discussed. Instead, the focus is on the child's emotions. For this reason, parents often wish to be present during sessions. The presence of parents is understood and welcomed.

Pet Grief Counselling is Beneficial for those that may be:

-feeling at loss without your companion

-experiencing ongoing grief

-feeling no one else understands your sadness

-unsure when you should take in another pet

-unsure how to explain the death of a pet to a child


First: Make Payment

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Rate: $40/hour : For Children ONLY AVAILABLE IN PERSON - Vancouver, BC

Rate: $50/hour : Distance Counseling for Adults




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Pet Loss Grief Counselling: CHILD
1 hr
Pet Loss Grief Counselling: ADULT
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