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Dog & Cat Communication Tarot

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Accompanying Book

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Dog & Cat Communication Tarot Correspond

Bonus Gift!

How to Awaken and Strengthen the

Spiritual Connection and Bond that you have with Animals

You will receive:

  • 3 Ways to let your pet help heal you in mind, body, and spirit

  • 7 Spiritual ways to connect with your pet

  • 15 Lessons you can learn from your pet

  • How to Strengthen your bond with your pet

  • 9 ways to connect with pets that have passed

  • Common signs that pets leave for us once they have passed

Copy of Dog & Cat Communication Tarot Co

Want Assistance with Interpreting the cards?

Join the Facebook Group: Living with Familiars

- post your questions

- engage with like minded animal lovers

- recieve free trainings

- reiceve free channeled messages from your pet to you

& so much more!

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