Dog Anxiety

Did you know that dogs can have anxiety?

It may surprise you, but anxiety in dogs is actually fairly common.

When a dog is anxious, every day normal activities become stressful.

What is anxiety in dogs?

There are different types of anxiety that dogs may have. Behavioural anxiety is when your dog has on going anxiety about something or a specific event. This anxiety lasts even when the event or object isn't occurring or visual. It is on going. Separation anxiety, when a dog is scared to be left alone, is a type of behavioural anxiety. Separation anxiety is the most common anxiety in dogs. Situational anxiety is when your dog is afraid of something specific, such as a certain loud noise, car rides, fireworks, or storms. Your dog is only anxious when this event is occurring. There are also fear related anxiety.

Are you able to tell when your dog is anxious?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell when your dog is anxious. Here are some common signs of anxiety in dogs:

- excessive chewing

- destructive behaviour (not during playing)

- barking

- crying

- restlessness

- pacing

- aggression

- uninterested in food

- trembling

- shaking

- excessive panting or drooling

- hiding and escape behaviours

- tail tucked

- diarrhea