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Imbolc Traditions, Activities, Tarot & Reflections (for witches and their pets/familiars!)

In the wheel of the year, Imbolc is the first planting festival to be celebrated around February 1st and 2nd. Here are some Imbolc traditions for witches and their familiars. I love to include my animals in all of my celebrations.

imbolc tarot activites

Even though it is still winter, Imbolc is a time to celebrate the very first signs of Spring.

We can notice that days are becoming longer and there is an increase in sunlight.

During Imbolc, also celebrate love! February is the perfect time of the year to have Valentine's day, since it is also so close to Imbolc.

Imbolc can be a time to discover what seeds (intentions) to plant. These intentions are longer than new moon intentions, as they will take the rest of the year to grow and harvest.

What do you want to grow in your metaphysical garden?

What do you want to bring into your life over the year?

What do you want to manifest over the next 10 months?

The vibe of Imbolc is rebirth and renewal, purification and cleaning, fertility and growth.

During each seasonal festival, I like to connect to animals associated with that festival. Animals to connect to during this time are serpents, snakes, robins, swans, foxes, bees, ravens, and deer.

I have a meditation to do to connect to a deer spirit guide, so check that out if you're interested.

Some questions to reflect on during this time of year are:

How can I show my familiar more love and compassion?

What do I need to heal? Imbolc can bring healing, rebirth, and renewal.

How can I nurture myself and show myself love?

How can I nurture my familiar (the animal that I have a connection to) and express my love to my familiar?

What is a gift that I can give my familiar that shows them I love them?

To help with answering these questions and to receive a message from our familiars as a collective, watch this tarot reading:

What are you going to do to celebrate this time of year?

When it comes to celebrating each turn on the wheel of the year, I don't restrict myself to only celebrating on the day of the festival. I give myself 2 or so weeks. That way I can get everything done without feeling pressure. There are so many fun ways to celebrate each Sabbot and equinox.

I plan on taking a walk in nature, baking bread (for myself) and treats for my animals, and creating an art spell. Keep an eye out for more details about my art spell! This is something I'm excited to do and I plan on sharing it by creating an Imbolc video, vlog style.

While you're waiting for that video or still trying to decide how you want to celebrate, watch these videos from previous years.


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