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Manifesting with the Aquarius New Moon : For Witches & their Familiars

The new moon in Aquarius kicks off the month of February with fresh energy and new beginnings. We feel as if anything is possible, there is potential in the air. Aquarius energy is associated with innovation, originality, freedom, and community. Aquarius energy encourages you to embrace your uniqueness and individuality.

New moons are known to be a time to set intentions, but this new moon is more than that, bringing us the urge to claim our big long-term dreams and desires. This energy will help us trust that we have the power to create our future and manifest our dreams. Remember that we are collaborating with the universe. We are capable of anything and everything we desire. Aquarius is associated with change and unpredictability. Be open to new opportunities and be willing to break free from any stagnation or routines that may be holding you back. Embrace change as a way to grow. Aquarius encourages authenticity. Reflect on who you truly are and express yourself without fear of judgment.

How can you celebrate your uniqueness? Do you let your true self shine?

Aquarius is a social sign that values community and collaboration. Use this time to strengthen your connections, including your relationship with your animals.

When it comes to your bond with your animal, Aquarius energy can assist us in considering and celebrating our animal's unique personality. Here are some questions about your animal to consider during the new moon period:

  • Does my pet have opportunities for positive social interactions with other animals or people?

  • How can I enhance their sense of connection and companionship during this time?

  • What unique traits or preferences does my pet have that I can celebrate?

  • How can I tailor their environment or activities to align with their individuality?

What intentions will you set for this new moon? Use this pick-a-card tarot reading in the video below, to receive a message from your familiar, the animal you have a connection with, about how you can best work with the energy of this time.

Manifesting with the Aquarius New Moon: For Witches & their Familiars

aquairus new moon message from pet familiar for witches


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