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The Energy of Taurus Season and your Pet

Taurus season is here! Taurus season runs from April 20 — May 20

The vibe of Taurus is practical, reliable, physical, abundant, steady, ambitious, nurturing, and healing.

A quality of Taurus is grounding. Taurus energy helps us connect to the Earth. Take some time in nature. Provide your animals with time to get outside in nature. Go on nature walks with your dog, bask in the Spring sunshine with your cat, and meditate with your animals outside in the fresh morning air.

During this time, work on an ongoing project. Taurus will help you stay committed to your goals. Taurus can also provide you with the energy for sustained action. What do you want to work on this season? Use the energy of Taurus for momentum and dedication. What ideas did you have during Aries season or even during the last few months and winter? It is time to take some action on those ideas!

Taurus can assist in your self-care routine. How can you show yourself some love?

How can you feel more balanced and secure?

How can you assist your animal in feeling more secure?

With Taurus, a focus on luxury, comfort, and beauty becomes a focus. How can you provide more comfort for your animals? To provide abundance and luxury for your animals, during Taurus season give your animals some new foods, and provide them with new smells and tastes. Play calming and beautiful music for your animals to enjoy. Place luscious feeling fabrics in your animals’ beds.

This time of year is a time to prioritize nurturing ourselves by giving ourselves and our animals what we WANT not only what we need. What do you and your animal want?

Make sure this month to spend time to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with your animal.

Use this tarot spread to work with your familiar and the energy of the Taurus season. Watch the video below for more on the energy of Taurus season and your pet.

taurus season

taurus season


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