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Beltane Celebration & Tarot

Happy Beltane! Beltane is celebrated around May 1st. Beltane marks the halfway point of Spring. We are getting close to the Summer Solstice!

Beltane is a time of fertility, growth, and abundance. The Earth is bursting with life and vitality.

The energy of Beltane is vibrant, passionate, and filled with potential. It is a time to celebrate love. Spend time outdoors connecting with the earth's energy. Take walks in nature, work in your garden, or bathe in the sunshine. Take your animals outside to enjoy nature.

Beltane is a very powerful time to manifest desires since you can tap into abundance, creativity, and fertile energy. Set Intentions during Beltane.

To celebrate Beltane, here are some ideas

  • lighting bonfires

  • dancing

  • creating altars with flowers and symbols of fertility

  • creative activities (writing, painting, crafts)

  • connect with nature

  • celebrate love and relationships

Beltane is the perfect time to show your familiar, the animal that you have a connection to, gratitude for your relationship and connection. Since Beltane is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the love that you have in your life, this is a perfect time to show your animal extra love and gratitude. You can also work on improving your bond and communication.

For more about Beltane celebration and to receive a tarot reading watch the video below. The tarot reading will address how you can align with the potent energy of Beltane, how to deepen your bond with your familiar, and you will also receive a message from your familiar for this time of year.

beltane celebration tarot


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