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Keeping Healthy Birds - Tips for Spring Care

For each season, I adjust the care for my animals. Since animals are in tune with natural cycles, the energy of each season requires different care. When it comes to my birds, spring increases hormones, and excitement. By understanding these aspects of bird care in springtime, you can ensure that your bird remains healthy, happy, and well-adjusted during this season of change.

I follow the seasonal feeding system by "birdtricks" for my green-cheeked conure. Transitioning my bird's diet from winter to spring provides a balanced diet using foods that are species-appropriate and in season.

Springtime brings about changes for conure birds, both in their behavior and care needs.

Since birds molt in spring, they are also growing feathers. Molting is the shedding of old feathers and growing new ones. During spring consider adding more protein to support healthy feather growth.

Birds also experience hormonal changes during spring. This is because spring is breeding season.

Hormonal changes may cause shifts in behavior such as increased vocalizations, territoriality, and mating or courtship behaviors. Spring also means an increase in daylight. Longer daylight hours can trigger breeding behaviors.

In addition to more light, direct sunlight through a window can cause your bird to overheat. Be careful and monitor the temperature in your bird's space.

During spring you may notice increased activity and playfulness, use this as a time to train your bird tricks and spend time playing with them. It is a great time to grow your bond!

For more details and tips for healthy bird care for spring, watch the video below.

keeping healthy birds tips for spring


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