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Pet adoption program

Bringing a new animal home for the first time is very exciting.

However, teaching that animal the skills to live happily, confident, healthy and well-trained takes considerable time, dedication, and patience. Cherished Companions will assist you with this transition so that you will be able to simply enjoy and love your new pet.


Adopting any animal can be difficult since their background and past experiences may create current behavioural issues.

It is especially important that animals have a smooth transition into their new home so that trust is created and your pet learns how to behave. Bad behaviours, separation anxiety, aggression, and depression are often created within the first week.

The first day is often very scary and overwhelming for the animal. The pet adoption program will assist with all of these issues.


The purchase of this package includes:


- Finding your perfect pet

Tell us what you want in a pet and Cherished Companions will search all surrounding shelters for the pet best suited for you. Think of it like a 'match making' service. We match you with your perfect pet. You will be presented with your matches (pictures, details, breed info) then you let us know which pets you would like to meet. It is then up to you to visit your matches at the shelters, meet shelter staff, fill out the appropriate forms, pay the adoption fee, and follow the shelter procedures.

- Preparing your home

While you are visiting matches and following shelter procedures to adpot your pet, Cherished Companions will provide you with a customized personal list of supplies you will need for your new pet, suggestions where to buy the supplies (with included prices and locations - we look for the best deals!) and a "To Do List" of what to do to get ready to bring your new pet home. We will also provide answers to all of your questions.

- Training your pet

Which commands do you want your pet to know? Cherished Companions will provide 3 - one hour private training sessions (sessions are 1:1 with pet and trainer) followed by tips and suggestions for you to do at home to ensure your pet learns the commands and continues acceptable behaviours. It is important to know that successful training needs to involve you, the owner, to practice. You are welcome to join in on the training sessions, as this will help your pet learn to listen to you, but it is not necessary or expected.

- On going support

Having a new pet at home is a lot of work, a big commitment, and can be very stressful. Contact Cherished Companions for up to 6 months after you bring your pet home to ask any questions or for support.


Total Cost of Package: $400.00

Package does not include the cost of your pet or pet supplies


Have children? Would you like your child to be more involved or take on responsibility?

Check out the Kids & Pets program

Three 45 min Sessions: $100.00 (saves you $20)


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