How to Bond with Your Bird

Sometimes it can be a struggle to form a great relationship and bond with your bird. Especially, if you didn't have your bird when they were young. Birds have a lot of personality and can make a very special bond.

You want to make sure that your bird feels safe and comfortable. You want your bird to be secure, calm, and relaxed. If you notice that your bird feels or looks uncomfortable or scared, stop whatever it is that is causing your bird to feel this way. Continuing and activity that your bird dislikes or is scared of will harm your relationship and bond with your bird.

You can accomplish that by:

- Moving slowly

Keep your actions and movements slow. Sudden motions will startle your bird. Keep your bird in a calm environment.

- Being quiet

Speak with a soft and gentle voice. Loud noise can scare birds. If your bird is listening to you as you speak that is a good sign. Spend time talking to your bird while your bird is in the cage.

- To get your bird use to your hands, move your hands and fingers around outside of the cage, while your bird is still in the cage. Eventually, you will be able to put your hands inside of the cage and your bird will feel comfortable and safe around you.

- Keep them in a comfortable, safe location. Their cage is their safe space, put it in a place that isn't too overwhelming with movements and sounds. Move them around, from room to room, while they are in their cage. Do this so that they can be in the same room as you, watch you, and listen to you, while still feeling being safe. Eventually they will feel comfortable coming out of the cage. You may open the door and let them come out on their own. Do not force them out. Keep the door to their cage open so that they can return at any time.