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Releasing Unconscious Patterns with the Virgo Full Moon and your familiar.

The full moon in Virgo has arrived!

Virgo's energy helps us release our unconscious patterns so that we can release them and adopt behaviors that are more in alignment with our true authentic selves. Release what is no longer needed within your body (physical pain, tension, illness, weight, etc.), in your mind (thoughts, opinions), in your emotions that aren't in alignment with who are becoming in the present and with who you want to be in the future.

In addition to tuning into your body, consider what you have picked up from others (beliefs, emotions, values) that aren't truly yours and aren't aligned with where you are headed.

Currently, you may not know what will need to be released, as it may still be unconscious. However, with the full moon, trust that you are gaining insight, realizing, and healing.

This full moon helps us cleanse and heal. Take some time to check in with your body, as Virgo energy encourages us to become aware of our bodies. What is your body trying to tell you? Feel into your body. This can assist with revealing unconscious patterns.

Our animals also are very beneficial in bringing awareness to our unconscious patterns. A familiar is a trusted companion, often an animal, that shares a deep connection with you. During the Full Moon in Virgo consider your animal's behaviours. What is your animal communicating to you through their habits and behaviors, especially those behaviors that may feel frustrating or that you wish your animal wouldn't do.

Here is a meditation that you can do with your familiar that harnesses the Virgo full moon and your animal's energy.

How will you be releasing unconscious patterns with the Virgo full moon and your familiar?


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