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Sagittarius Full Moon Transformation

The full moon in Sagittarius happens on Thursday, May 23, and brings passion, confidence, and energy. Keep an eye out for new opportunities and let yourself become excited about them!

Sagittarius is expansive and encourages us to chase freedom, adventure, and possibilities.

With this full moon, take the time to consider which thoughts, beliefs, narratives, and stories you no longer want to continue. What would you like to release? Use the energy of this full moon to let those mental limitations go!

Full moons are typically a perfect time to release limitations and everything that is no longer in alignment with your desires and goals. This specific full moon in Sagittarius is assisting us in releasing whatever is necessary so that we can transform, grow, and embrace a new phase. This new phase is bringing us closer to our desires, freedom, and joy. We've been waiting for this new phase and the opportunities that come with it.

When it comes to our animals, consider what stories you have been telling yourself about your pet. For behaviors that are frustrating or challenging, what are your beliefs surrounding that behavior? Do you believe that your dog pulls on the leash because she is in a rush or barks every time a car door slams because she is protective? Consider how you can change your beliefs and thoughts around that frustrating behaviour. Reframe your beliefs to your dog pulling because she is excited and the two of you are on an adventure, or consider the possibility that your dog is barking because she is curious and wants to include you. When you change your story, your energy changes, and therefore you open up the possibility for your animal's behaviour to change to something more agreeable and enjoyable for both of you. Our animal's behaviours are a response to our energy, our thoughts, and our emotions.

Use the meditation and tarot spread below to heal with the full moon in Scorpio and work with the energy of your familiar (pet), the animal that you have a connection with.


sagittarius full moon

sagittarius full moon


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