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Taurus New Moon Tarot and your Familiar

The Taurus new moon brings us motivation and inspiration to make sure our dreams last. We feel safe to go after our goals and trust that we are supported by the universe.

Taurus energy brings us a sense of security and safety. Spend some time grounding that energy to ensure that you feel secure and supported in manifesting your desires and achieving your goals. Do a grounding meditation with your familiar, the animal you connect with. Or take a walk in nature. Consider spending time in your garden or observing the birds at the park, the sun on your skin and the spring breeze in your hair. Of course, bring your familiar outside with you! Working with Taurus energy means that we connect to the Earth and ground ourselves. How will you and your familiar ground your physical bodies? How will you two connect to nature?

This new moon in Taurus reminds us that it is safe to go at our own pace. The energy reminds us that is important to enjoy the process and the journey to our goals. Take time to notice the pleasures of life. What brings you joy? What brings your familiar joy?

Set intentions with Taurus energy in mind. Taurus puts a focus on abundance, beauty, and security.

 We may receive blessings and miracles at this time. This new moon also reminds us to make space to receive. Are you ready to receive blessings and miracles? How can you make space in your physical body? Release tension and tightness. Ensure you provide your familiar with opportunities to move their body.

Taurus new moon tarot: For advice and a message from your familiar, for the new moon in Taurus and how to ensure you can receive, watch the pick a card tarot reading in the video below:

taurus new moon tarot


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