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Welcome! My name is Caitlin. I am a lover of all animals, especially the ones that I share my home with. When I'm not spending time with my pets, I enjoy drawing and painting, skiing, listening to music, and going to rock and metal concerts. I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles, batman, south p​ark, and sushi. I think you can tell lot about a person by knowing their favorite movies. So mine are; Detroit Rock City, Blow, Dazed and Confused, Grandma's boy, Lords of Dogtown, all of the Batman movies, and Almost Famous.

I have started this blog to share pet information and experiences.

I have always had animals in my life and have a lot of experience with a variety of different animals. Currently, I have a miniature pincher named Roxy, three cats named Cheeba, Mimi, and Tron, bunnies named Clover and Sage, a love bird named Jelly Bean, a veiled chameleon named Avi Avocado, and a red eared slider turtle named Raphael.

I'd like to take the time to introduce you to each of them. I will start with the oldest and work my way to the youngest.

This is Mimi. She is the oldest, at 15 years. Mimi is doing well in her old age. She loves to be outside all year round. However, she doesn't leave the yard or walk around the neighbourhood anymore. Mimi is a hunter, she has proudly presented many mice, rats, and even birds. Mimi is shy when first meeting someone new. She warms up to people, but will still let you know when she wants to be left alone. Mimi is very vocal and will let you know what she wants or how she feels with a meow.

This is Roxy. She is a 10 year old miniature pinscher. Miniature pinschers are very energetic, alert, and believe that they are big guard dogs. Although Roxy is getting old, she is still very energetic and ready to tell off any stranger that gets too close. Roxy loves to spend time under the blankets on the bed, eating cookies, and barking at the cats. She lets the cats know when they are doing something wrong, like scratching the couch or walking on the table.

This is Cheeba. She is 8 years old. Cheeba is very friendly. She is an inside cat and loves to spend time curdled up in small spaces or on your lap. Cheeba is shy at first, but after some time she will love you.. if you are worthy. Cheeba is friendly to all other animals, she isn't a hunter. She has a favorite toy mouse that she will throw up in the air and carry around in her mouth.

This is Avi Avocado. Avi is a 4 year old veiled chameleon. Unfortunately, during a renovation, Avi got some dust in her eye and has eye problems ever since. She can no longer hunt for food and doesn't move around too often because she cannot see.

This is Tron. Tron is a 3 year old cat. He loves to be outside, but will always come back inside. He doesn't leave the yard. He likes to sit in bushes and hide in the flowers. He is learning to become a hunter and enjoys chasing and catching anything and everything. Tron can be a little clumsy and isn't use to his own size. He is a large cat and is always hungry.

This is Raphael. Rapheal is a red eared slider turtle. He is 3 years old. Raphael spends most of his time in the water but will occasionally come out and enjoy the heat and light on his shell. Raphael likes to turn and flip over all rocks and decorations in his tank, he's always searching for more food.

This is Jelly Bean. Jelly bean is almost 2 years old. Jelly bean loves coming out of her cage and sitting on your shoulder. Jelly bean will let you know when she wants attention by biting on your finger and chewing on your hair, clothing, or anything else she can find. Jelly bean can say her name and the word "up", she is trying to learn more words. Jelly bean likes to play with beads, string, ring her bell, and swing back and forth on her swing. She can do flips and spins on her branch. She has a favorite ball that she uses to hide food inside.

This is Clover. Clover is 1 year old. Clover loves to eat, especially berries. Clover likes to run and hop around the house. He is always getting to boxes, plants, papers, food and making a mess. Clover likes to jump up high onto chairs. When Clover is relaxing, he stretches right out with his back legs sticking straight out.

This is Sage. Sage is 1 year old. Sage likes to go into small spaces and behind objects. Sage enjoys running around and hops as he runs from room to room. Sage stays close to Clover and follows him around. Sage likes to be held and petted. He will crawl into your arms and push his nose into your arm.

​​Now that you know about the animals that I share my home with, I'd like to hear who you share your home with. Please leave a comment letting me know who your pet is!


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