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Raw food vs. dry food

My dog, Roxy, eats raw food. She has eaten raw food since she came into the house as at 10 weeks. At 11 years old, Roxy has had no health

issues or concerns.

​Raw food is made from meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. It is bought frozen and dethawed before feeding. With this diet, breads, oats, and any other grain based products are to be avoided.

Some benefits raw food has shown in dogs are shinier coats, healtheir skin, cleaner teeth, and higher levels of energy.

But there are also some concerns; bacteria in raw meat and the possibilitiy of an unbalanced diet

Feeding raw food can be controversal. I'd say that the main concern is the fact that it may provides an unbalanced diet. I have found that this can be true with some brands of raw food, but can easily be fixed by ensuring that the dog is given raw bones to eat.

The most difficult thing I have found is to try to and find treats that are appropriate for Roxy to eat. I don't want her to eat sugar, preservatives, or grain based foods - which most treats appear to be. This is why I make homemade dog treats. In addition, I also buy grain free kibble and use those as treats, instead of actual 'treats' sold in pet stores. Using grain free kibble and making my own treats is a lot cheaper and healthier too!

Since Roxy started eating raw food as a puppy, she never had to transition from kibble to raw food. She gobbled up the raw food right away. It appears that sometimes transtions are hard for pets. What have you found? What did you do to have a successful transion from raw to dry food?

I would like to feed my cats raw food as well, but every time I buy some they won't eat it. I find this strange because I know that Mimi has had no trouble eating mice that she has caught and Cheeba enjoys eating raw chicken and salmon. Tron hasn't shown much interest in anything other than kibble and milk products - he loves ice cream! All cats also love wet food.

Mixing the two did not encourage the cats to try the raw food.

What are you expereinces with Raw food? for dogs? for cats?

Do you recommend feeding raw food?

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