How to Relax your Pet & Ease your Pet's Pain or Anxiety

If your pet is anxious, needs to relax, or is recovering for illness or surgery, there are some options that you can do easily at home to ensure that your pet recovers quickly and feels comfortable and safe.

How you can relax and distress your pet:

-Massage your pet (read below to find out how)

-Take your dog for a daily walk and vary the locations

-Play together with your pet daily and provide toys when you are away

-Provide mental stimulation for your pet, such as puzzle feeders

-Spend quality quiet time together while you are in a relaxed state, such as cuddling while watching TV or reading a book

-Provide a quiet and comfortable space your pet can retreat to alone

-Use a pheromone diffuser, which provide soothing dog or cat pheromones (chemical messengers) that provides your pet with the feeling that it is safe and secure. Can be purchased at amazon or most pet stores

-Play calming music specifically designed for pets. Can be found on YouTube or purchased at amazon and some pet stores

-Use Aromatherapy and essential oils specifically formulated for pets. Be sure to always follow instructions

-Regular physical contact with your pet (petting and stroking)

-Regular exercise

-Keep yourself calm and in a positive mind state. Do not react to your pet's anxiety with your own stress or anxiety because your pet's negative feelings will only strengthen.

-Check your pet's diet. Is it of high qual