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Keeping Your Dog Exercised and Entertained

My dog, Penny is very active. Even though, I knew this before I brought her home, I am often still surprised at how much energy she has and how she can keep moving and moving and moving! Her breed is a working breed and loves to run, play, and work. She is a cattle dog mix (Border Collie, Heeler, and Australian Shepherd).

When Penny is at the dog park, she loves to run circles around other dogs, trying to get them to chase her. She loves it when a dog does start to chase her. However, she usually out runs the other dog and then just continues to run around in circles by herself. She appears to enjoy running by herself just as much. I've watched dogs of the same breed at the dog park and they all behave the same way. This is why it is important to know your dogs breed and research what they need and enjoy.

If I take Penny to the same dog park a few days in a row, I notice that although she still has fun at the park, when she returns home she still have a lot of energy.

I have come to realize that Penny, and other dogs, need a variety in their outlet for exercise and activity. It isn't enough to do the same thing thing every day or only switch it up once and a while. There are different types of walks and different activities that are important to in-cooperate into your dog's day and week to keep thing interesting and exciting so that your dog is able to release appropriate energy and gain stimulation.

Why is important to keep your dog exercised and entertained?

Because when a dog feels mentally and physically satisfied, unwanted behaviours, misbehaviours, destructive behaviours, and unhealthy behaviours reduce or vanish. Without mental and physical exercise, dogs become bored and will find ways to entertain themselves, these ways are usually activities that we dislike or find destructive. Smaller dog or dogs that are less active, still need their regular exercise to stay healthy and happy, even though you may not notice their lack of exercise in the same ways you would a more active dog.

Some risks of not enough exercise:

- Obesity

- Destructive Beahviours from excess energy and no outlet

- Hyperactivity and rough play or biting

- Boredom, Depression,

- Neurosis/Neurotic Behaviours

- Stress which will lead to other health issues

Activities to do with your dog

Different types of Walks to take your dog on

- Sniff walk. Walk at a slow pace and let your dog sniff whatever your dog wishes, move at your dog's pace.

- Off leash dog park. Let your dog play with other dogs

- Off leash trail walk or hike

- On leash walk around the neighborhood or on the street

- On leash walk at a park

- On leash walk at a fair, festival, farmers market, or other outdoor market with crowds

- Off leash at the beach or lake or near water that your dog can jump in

Outdoor Activities to do with your dog

- Walking

- Running

- Fetch

- Frisbee

- Swimming

- Biking

- Create your own obstacle course in your backyard. Use boxes, chairs, broomsticks. Think over, under, jump, craw, through

- Hiking

Groups or Classes that you can join with your dog

- Agility

- Flyball

- Herding

- Nose Work

Indoor Activities to do with your dog

- Nose work

- Puzzles

- Tug

- Treadmill

- Playing interactive games

- Fetch down a hall way with a soft ball

- Training and teaching new tricks

When you're too busy or gone for a long period

- Drop your dog off at a doggy day care

- Hire a dog walker

- Hire a dog sitter

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas or anything else that you do with your dog.

Although all dogs are different, and you should look at your dog as an individual, there are certain breeds known for needing more or less exercise.

Common dog breeds that need a lot of exercise:

- Australian Cattle

- Australian Shepherd

- Border Collie

- Boston Terrier

- Boxer

- Catahoula

- Doberman Pinscher

- English Springer Spaniel

- German Shepherd

- Golden Retriever

- Jack Russell Terrier

- Labrador Retriever

- Rhodesian Ridgeback

- Shetland Sheepdog

- Siberian Husky

- Weimaraner

- Dalmation

- Pointer

Common dog breeds that need less exercise:

- Basset Hound - Chihuahua - Chow Chow - English Bulldog

- French Bulldog - Maltese - Maltipoo - Miniature Pinscher - Pomeranian - Saint Bernard - Shih Tzu - Toy Poodle

Let's get our dogs exercising!

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