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How to Show your Dog that you Love them

Have you ever wondered how you could show your dog that you love them?

Here are seven ways that you can tell your dog that you love them.

1. Give your dog a Massage.

Massage your dog's ears, this stimulates the nerves running to the hypothalamus and pituitary glads which secrete the feel good endorphins at the same time relaxes your dog.

2. Talk to your dog in a high pitched happy tone and give your dog a lot of praise.

3. Learn your dog's body language.

Understand how your dog is feeling and what your dog wants and needs by watching your dog's body language (eyes, ears, tail, posture). When your dog realizes that you know and understand them, your dogs' trust in you increases and your bond strengthens.

4. Provide rewards for your dog when your dog does something like that you like. Use positive reinforcement training.

5. Teach your dog new tricks or games.

6. Take your dog for daily walks and outings to different locations, provide variety and keep it exciting!

7. Give your dog brain puzzles and ensure that your dog is mentally stimulated.

Now that you know how you can tell if your dog loves you, do you know how your dog tells you that he or she loves you? Watch this video to find out!

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