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Improving your Bond with your Pet - CHALLENGE!

Why do people have pets? I'd think that the idea of bonding with an animal and the unconditional love that an animal shows us are some of the many reasons people do have pets. In addition to experiencing such an amazing bond, animals can teach us so much. They expose us to new and different activities, ways of thinking and communicating, exercise, friendship and love and even provide us with health benefits such as stress relief!

In my experience sharing my life with a variety of different animals, I have discovered that there are many different bonds that you can create with your pet. All animals have their own personalities that affect the animal - human relationship and the activities that we do together. The time and effort that we put into caring for our pets also effect our relationship. Just like any relationship, it takes work. It doens't happen over night and it isn't always easy. It can be frustrating, tiring and some days we just want to be left alone! However, the good days are amazing and worth any effort and time spent.

We each bond with our animals at different degrees. Some animals seem to know what their person is thinking and feeling and build an amazingly strong bond. But some times, people go through their day and don't put in enough time or effort into building a relationship with their animals. These people still have a loving relationship with their pets, but just aren't able to build that special connection to their person. By taking an animal into our care, I feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that we have a happy and healthy bond that will positively affect you and your pet.

Why bond to your pet? There are both physical and mental health benefits.

Studies have shown that having bonding with animals can..

-improve emotional and psychological state of being

-help you cope during stressful times

-reduce stress

-reduce feelings of loneliness and depression

-provide you with friendship without judgement

-lower risk of heart disease

-assist children in learning how to interact and communicate more effectively with others

-assist in loosing weight

-improve your mood

-lower cholesterol

But most importantly, you should want to bond with your pet because it is an amazing feeling!

So are you bonded to your pet?

Pets that are bonded tend to:

Make eye contact with you

'Check in' with you on walks and in new environments

Less likely to run away from your, has a strong recall

be happy to see you

be relaxed and calm around you

Snuggle your stuff

Listen and respond to you, is focused on you

Seek out your affection and attention

Want to play with your

Want to sleep and relax around you

Be obedient

Love physical interaction with you

How to bond with your pet

It is important that you get closer to your pet by spending sufficient time with them and showing them appreciation with touch, playtime and praise.

Join the 14 Day Bond with your Cat or Dog Challenge!

Win some amazing prizes while strengthening your relationship and bond with your pet!

The Challenge: Spend 10 - 15 quality minutes every day with your cat or dog for 14 straight days. Starting May 21, 2018 - June 3, 2018.

Quality minutes means that your pet is the center of attention, you are not distracted in any way, watching tv, talking to someone else, on your phone, or doing anything else except doing an activity with your pet!

Follow Cherished Companions @ccpawfamily on facebook and @cherishedcompanions on instagram for daily inspiration, motivation, and ideas for activities, games, and DIYs to do with your pet during the 14 day challenge


Winners will choose one of the five following prizes:

- Painted Pet Portrait on Canvas

- One 40 min Distance Reiki Energy Healing for your Pet

- Animal Communication and Pet Tarot Reading

- Cat Behavioral Consultation

- Puppy Training Package PDF download right to your email

- Two month subscription to Cherished Companion's " Ultimate Pet Parent" Monthly Subscription

Three winners will be selected by random draw.

To Qualify in draw, participants MUST:

-participate everyday (14 days)

-post to instagram or facebook everday, showing a picture of your bonding activity with your pet and with the hashtag #pawfamily and tag @cherishedcompanions in every post (14 posts)

-follow @cherishedcompanions on instagram

-like @ccpawfamily on facebook

-share this post (facebook) or tag a friend in this post (instagram)

The first day of the Challenge will start MAY 21st 2018 and the last day will be JUNE 3rd 2018.

Winners will be announced June 8th 2018

We are looking forward to seeing your entries and activities with your pet for 14 days straight!

Follow @CherishedCompanions on instagram and @ccpawfamily on facebook to stay up to date and so that you are ready to start the Challenge May 21st !

Please contact Caitlin at if you have any questions.

YES, I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHALLENGE! Click the link below to enter your email, if you'd like to be reminded to start the challenge closer to the start date of May 21st. Don't miss out on these amazing prizes!

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