Terrarium Plants

I love terrariums. One of the joys of keeping frogs and day geckos, is the fact that I can create a little jungle in a cube. However, sometimes I find it a struggle to get plants to grow in my terrariums. Over the years, I have been experimenting with different plants and lights.

I only like to use live plants in my dart frogs and day geckos enclosures as well as in my fish aquariums. Unfortunately, I can't use live plants with the turtle, because he eats them all! Working with live plants adds another aspect to dart frog and gecko keeping. In fact, I find that learning about plants and plant up keep is almost more work than taking care of the frogs and geckos themselves! But it is worth it, as I think that it creates a beautiful addition to any room and very peaceful and relaxing to watch.

I find it a struggle to keep plants growing and thriving because I need to find the correct balance of humidity, light, and temperature. With each tank being a different size, in a slightly different location, and with different lighting, I have to experiment and find the right plants. Some plants that do well in some tanks, don’t do well in others.

Why do I prefer live plants over fake plants?

Watch this video to find out! Also, see how I prep and plant some new plants into my tanks.

I typically will try out any plant that is labeled "tropical". Plants that I have found good success with in all or most of my terrariums. The "easier" plants.

- Oak Leaf Fig Tree

- Fine Baby Tears

-wandering jew