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Tips and Tricks for Taking Photos of your Pet

Taking good photos of your pets can be really tricky and sometimes frustrating. In this video, I will share some tips and tricks that I use when taking photos of my pets. I will aslo show some photos from Penny's 2nd birthday and some other photos that I had taken of her over the year since her 1st Birthday. The list of tips that I mention in the video are also listed below the video.

- Use natural lighting. No flash.

- Go outside in the later afternoon, early evening light

- When inside, keep backgrounds blank and clutter free

- Use a tripod

- Remove distractions

- Take breaks

- Listen to your pet, stop when your pet wants to

- Candid photos

- Use treats and toys to get pets attention

- Remember you can edit and crop!

- Use the action shop or bust mode setting on your camera so you take multiple photos quickly.

- Get Low. Be at eye level with your pet

- Capture your pets personality and quirks

- Make your pet use to and comfortable with the camera

- Keep your pet relaxed and happy

- Take photos in a familiar environment

- Be Patient

- Make it Fun!

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