Rabbits as Pets for Children

If you are considering bringing a rabbit into your home for your child, there are some important things to consider.

Before bringing a rabbit home, you need to understand the personality of rabbits as well as the dynamics of your household and your child's personality. Rabbits do not always make good house pets or companions for children.

Here are some reasons rabbits many NOT be suitable for your family:

- Rabbit do not enjoy being held. When picked up, rabbits will often kick, claw, and bite until placed back down. This is because they are pray animals and it is in their instincts. Rabbits will always struggle to escape from your grasp.

- Rabbits do not like to cuddle. If they do cuddle, it will be on their terms. When and how they want.

- Rabbits are very delicate with fragile bodies. They can break bones easily if they are mishandled or dropped.

- Rabbits are timid. They do not like loud noises or fast movements. Rabbits do not like children that scream or squeal.

- Rabbits hate to be chased or roughly handled. If they are, they can become aggressive, scared, and stressed. A stressed rabbit will become sick.

- Sometimes rabbits like to be left alone to eat or nap. They will need their own space.