Bonding with you Cat

Cats can be known as independent and not very social. However, cats do bond to their owners!

Bonding with your cat is a great feeling. It isn't only an amazing relationship, but bonding to your cat also benefits your health and well being. Bonding is important for both you and your cat because both of you will live a happier and healthier life. Bonds can develop naturally through your life with your cat as you two interact and live together.

Is my cat bonded with me? How do I know? Do you ever wonder if you and your cat are truly bonded? What does it mean to be bonded?

So how do you know if your cat is bonded with you?

Some signs that you and your cat are bonding are:

- Your cat approaches you with the tail held up vertical

- Your cat will head bunt or head bump you with their forehead

- Your cat will rub their face/cheeks on you

- Your cat will slow blink (slowly close eyes) while looking at you

- Your cat wil chirrup and purr around you

- Your cat will jump and sit on your lap

- Your cat will enjoy resting near you

- Your cat will roll over to expose their belly

- Your cat will present their butt to you and life up their tail