How to Make Your Cat & Dog Best Friends

Do you want your dog and cat to be best friends? It can be easy, if done right right way.

Here is what to do -

First! You want to set up your animals to succeed! This can be done by matching your cats and dogs personality. This means that you should consider both personalities of the animals that you want to get along. Match a calm animal with another timid and quiet, animal and an active animal with another loud, energetic animal.

It is also helpful consider both animals' past experiences with the other species. Look for a cat or a dog that has already been exposed to the other species in the past.

Is age important? Yes!

It is best when both animals are young. If that isn't possible than try to have the new addition either a puppy or a kitten.

Once you have found the cat or dog that you want to bring into your home with your existing cat or dog, the introduction needs to be made.

The first introduction well set the relationship off in the right way and set the foundation of the relationship - so it is super important!

When introducing your dog to a cat, pay attention to the body language of both animals. Know when your cat is uncomfortable, scared, or aggressive. Know when your dog is scared, aggressive or too playful for the cat.

The first "Introduction" isn't really an introduction. The animals will never come face to face. You need to keep them separate for a few days. This means that they will need to stay in separate rooms. Put your cat in room alone. Have everything that your cats needs in that room. Food, water, little, scratching post, toys, bed, etc.